Friday, June 01, 2007

Star Wars Redux

I swear, even when I click on a link totally unsuspecting, or go looking for something totally unrelated (*cough*online IQ test *cough*, thanks WTG), I will come across Star Wars stuff. I'm doomed, I tell you, doooooomed!

And I'm apparently R2D2.
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You're R2-D2
You're spunky, resourceful, and just a little deviant. It should come as no surprise that your Star Wars type is Artoo-Deetoo. Just like the diminutive droid who bailed out Luke and the gang more than a few times, you have tons of tools and tricks at your disposal. When in a bind, you are usually the first one who thinks of the solution (even if your zeal for adventure got you into trouble in the first place).You are a loyal friend who people can confide in. They know that you'll guard their secrets as if they were the plans to the Death Star itself. What some might call stubborn, you call driven. No amount of obstacles will get between you and your goal.

The Classic Star Wars Test
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