Wednesday, June 20, 2007

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John made it home on Monday, none the worse for wear. Poor guy—he sat on the plane in Detroit for 2 hours while they made repairs before they were allowed to take off. You would think that is something the airline would have scheduled for a time when that plane was not also scheduled to be flying, preferably an earlier time. Anyhoo, what with the delayed flight (he was originally scheduled to land at 5:30 am our time and called me from the airport at 9:45) and the weird train connections from the airport, it was 1 pm before he got home. Hannah was so excited in anticipation of seeing him after a week that she declared on the way to pick him up from the train station that she already had tears in her eyes just thinking about it.

Right as I was trying to get Hannah to eat actual food (as opposed to ketchup), John brought home a box chock full of American junk food (heavy on peanut butter and Mexican food). Now she doesn’t want to eat anything else. But I have turned it into a weapon—she wouldn’t eat anything but meat at dinner last night, so I threatened her with no junk food all day today. She said, “Fine!” in her best teenager voice and stormed off to her room to play Für Elise all phantom-of-the-opera style on her keyboard. The angst!

It has been pretty hot the last few days, pushing 90F, so we’ve been sleeping with as many windows open as possible. Of course, then I can’t sleep, because every noise from outside seems to be the sound of Missy Cat flinging herself to a stupid death from the balcony. Both cats like to lounge on the railing, so when they hop down onto the wooden floor, there is a distinctive cat-landing sound that could be construed as a cat self-flinging sound when one is mostly asleep.

I made the mistake of leaving Hannah’s bedroom door open for maybe 1 minute while I was doing something in there, but I closed it on my way out. So of course I managed to lock Missy Cat in there with the cage of mice that she had not previously even been aware of. Now she and Eliza Cat spend a portion of each day prowling like fat tigers outside the door, mewling, as if I am going to let them in. *pshh!*

And now some gratuitous plant-photo-blogging:

Cilantro (avert your eyes, Jooge!)

Citrus (could be orange or lemon)

My sprouted onions bloomed!

We’ve got cherry tomatoes! Woot!