Friday, April 09, 2010

Isn't it funny...

how being effective leads to more effectiveness, but being a lazy loaf just leads to nothing? And you get a brand new chance every. single. day. to manage either of them? Just thinking aloud.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Yucky Easter

The weather has been quite bad today, wave after wave of dark clouds and rain. Luckily, Hannah is too big for egg hunting, which we wouldn't really be able to do outside anyway since we don't have a yard or a playground nearby. But after chomping down an 8-inch-high chocolate bunny, she complained about the dearth of candy around here. She seems to think that the American version of every holiday is an orgy of candy (although in this case, she wouldn't be far off the mark), and it is unfair that we have separated her from her sugar-laden heritage.

I have been in various stages of soreness all day today. Yesterday I defrosted and cleaned the freezer (which is on the bottom), and scrubbed all the gunk out from underneath. All that kneeling and squatting made my thighs hurt, only I don't notice it until I want to get up from sitting.

I also started planting the seeds for my herbs and flowers on the balcony. I got most of the planter boxes cleaned out and topped off with new soil, but I had to stop when, surprise!, the weather turned cold and wet yesterday afternoon. I am pretty sure that defrosting your freezer or starting your gardening works like washing your car for attracting rain clouds. At least I had the sense to put the planter boxes I had already seeded onto the balcony floor instead of back out on the railing to get washed away in the rain. In a couple of weeks, I might have some seedlings.

Not paying attention

On a recent shopping trip, I wanted to treat myself to one of my favorite German candies, gummi-colas.

Only, when I got home, Hannah pointed out that I had managed to buy FRUIT-flavored gummi-colas.

Okay, I suppose. I mean, I am familiar with cherry coke,

and lemon pepsi

and pomegranate 7-up.

(Heh, that last one is actually 1. not a cola, and 2. a recent find of Hannah's from the import shop.)

But if you will notice on the bag, the third fruit is (not pomegranate) orange. I don't recall there being an orange-flavored cola in the States, but they drink it over here.

There is another one called Schwip Schwap.

I wouldn't drink either of them, for I hate orange, but I like the commercials for Schwip Schwap better. They show a lab where people are trying various methods for getting the cola in the orange, with humorous results.

Anyhow, Hannah was able to reassure me that the gummis didn't actually taste like anything but cola, so I was able to chow down on them without worrying about them including any extra flavors or vitamins. *whew!*

I've got to start reading the packaging more closely, though. Who knows what it will be next time...