Sunday, February 10, 2008

For the ladies

A quickie from my notebook:

Before class, I stuffed myself full of fat, salt, sugar, and caffein, the 4* food groups for the menstruating woman.

*I have heard that there is a 5th group--orange--but this hasn't been independently confirmed.

Hannah's school vacation

I took Hannah and her friend to an indoor water park last week while she was on vacation from school. Hannah is really a water-slide girl, but she took time out from her sliding frenzy to hop into the wave pool when they turned it on every half hour.

Hannah is *pale*. Despite being a natural brunette in a highly blonde society, compared to the pale peach of her German friend’s skin, Hannah is parchment colored. There are fungi growing in caves darker than her. John would probably attribute this to the fact that she refuses to leave the house unless there is the promise of ice cream or a video rental at the end of the walk, but it is winter, and everyone is pasty.

It was raining when we got there (it hailed twice before we even left the house that morning), but the sun came out briefly while we were there, deliciously scorching me through the plexiglas roof. It was the best 5 minutes of my day (spread out over two shinings).

Hannah and friend spotted a couple of girls from their elementary school class and went over to say hi. And were promptly snubbed. Hannah wasn’t particularly good friends with them back in the day anyhow, so she just shrugged it off with the 10-year-old equivalent of “eh—dicks”.

When Hannah has a school vacation, she goes back and forth between utter, tv-watching boredom and maniacal self-entertainment. She was out all last week (she goes back tomorrow), so when she hasn’t been watching videos or playing Sims on the computer/Nintendo, she has actually had a pretty full schedule:
practicing her stage-diving / dying dramatically from a self-inflicted plastic-sword wound onto a pile of pillows and blankets on the sofa-bed
whacking a tennis ball around the apartment without breaking anything
working on her skills as a one-man band
one-man band

and training her stuffed animals to be back-up/stage crew
stage crew