Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Darling Daughter and Barbie

Now I am positive that D.D.'s problems with the boys in her school are not completely unmotivated. There is *one* boy in her ballet class, and she is the only girl out of an even dozen who plays chase with him when there's a quick break. I think I see a pattern here.

I overheard the following conversation in the changing room at ballet:
Girl 1 (pointing to a Barbie bag): All my Barbies are Rapunzel.
Girl 2 (to Girl 1's Mom): She only has Rapunzel Barbies?
Mom: I guess.
Girl 1: Yeah, because I named them all Rapunzel.

Simplifies things, I suppose.

D.D. has an impish nature, which I'm afraid we've encouraged. I really comes back to bite us in the butt, though, when she does stuff like corner me with twin Dorothy (of Oz fame) Barbies and torments me in vapid stereo: "There's no place like home!" I hope whoever bought those Barbies—because it wasn't me!—BURNS IN HELL!