Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It’s official—she’s 11!


We survived Hannah’s birthday last week. Hannah was so stoked about having 2 friends over to spend the night that she pestered me for chores for a day-and-a-half before they even came over. Here you can see the fruits of her decorating.

Hannah's idea of decorating

Hannah's idea of decorating

She didn’t quite get it that you are supposed to separate the rolls into streamers.

They stayed up horribly late, watching infomercials and being silly. The next morning we stuffed them full of pancakes and packed them in the car to go to an amusement park in a neighboring town. And of course Hannah yakked before we even got out of the city limits. We never leave home without a fistful of plastic produce bags.

We got to the Holiday Park by 9:30 and didn’t leave until shortly before they closed at 7, so we had a long day of fun. It is a small-ish park, way smaller than Six Flags, so we got to do most everything we wanted to without having to wait in excessively long lines.

Look what jumped out of the cake!

I don’t know about John, but I really appreciated that there were lots of gruesome animatronic displays on various rides. If we ever go back, I’m going to take way more pictures of them.

boat ride

They really seemed to have a medieval corporal punishment theme going.

boat ride

Mmmm… meat!

good clean family fun

Ah, fun for all ages.

John managed to get most of the girls onto the 2 roller coasters, but I think they were all out of their minds.


John and I ditched the girls to watch a water-ski show that was a hilarious mash-up of several Arabian-esque stories. On water skis. In genie pants.

Hannah was supposed to keep in touch with us via cell phone when we got separated, only it would have worked better if her phone had not been forwarded to the answering service until 3 o’clock, when I finally figured out what was going on and unforwarded it for her. D’oh!

At the end of the day, we managed to catch a house-pet circus. (Alas, photography was not allowed.) The cats were the weak link in the performance, and one of the two lady trainers finally ended up picking up a cat and giving it a light toss through the ring. I could have told her that in advance. They had a cute bit where they put a cat and a rat into a big wooden box, but pulled out a giant rodent (a gopher?) after a few seconds. Get it? At the end, they had a cavalcade of pets made up of dogs, cats, rats, ferrets, chickens, a pony, a donkey, a goat, a full-sized pig, a pot-bellied pig, a PORCUPINE, and a SKUNK (neither a popular house-pet, as far as I’ve ever heard). The whole circus was cute but very smelly.

We spent Friday recuperating, and Hannah went back to school yesterday, thank the 7 Dwarves!