Saturday, January 29, 2005

That's My Girl!

On the way home yesterday, my darling daughter announced that if she were president of the United States, she would call up the mayor of our town here in Germany and demand that the boys from her current school class be delivered up to her. And she would have all her girlfriends from the class and her family flown in first class to have a big party together and to help them improve their English. She apparently has a keen grasp of American government—use your position to crush your enemies and lavish your friends with gifts.

Thanks to D.D., I didn't have to inflict the 2 pages of crap I had previously written onto these pages. Count yourselves lucky.

Today she was playing on the Barbie web site, and she did the makeover game (gah!). When she was done, she declared that her character was "Over the line." Which she later clarified--"Over the line of cool." Being cool is very important to 7-year-old little girls, or at least mine, in case you were wondering.

Other D.D. highlights: she had another abortive sleep-over attempt Friday night. We had just got to sleep when the doorbell rang; she had been walked home by her friend's dad. We got her settled in her own bed with no further problems, but I felt like I weighed an extra 50 pounds trying to drag my carcass up and down the stairs after being sound asleep. Today I've been more crabby than usual, even though I got to sleep in.

Right now D.D. is glamming herself up with green foil gift-wrap stuff and a fuscia tube top covered in sequins. I may have been a drag queen in a former life (or so I feel), but D.D. is on her way to being one in this life.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Drive-By Post

Here's what's been happening, in abbreviated format.

  • Snow and sledding (DD and LH)
  • School-related list-making and self-flagellation (nee)

Doesn't sound very interesting like that, but it's accurate nonetheless.

In other news, JK Rowling had her baby (a girl). Go Ms. Rowling!


I've had a novel idea floating around in my head for a while, but no actual words on paper. Still no words, but lately I've been having a series of epiphanies that are making the story much more interesting. I don't know if I'm moving toward or away from the story being more cliched, but it's exciting to know that something is happening. Not that it's the best timing in the world...

I've noticed that the closer it gets to the end of term, the more I yearn for things to distract me from school-work: reading, fiddling with my never-written stories, sewing. I haven't thought much about these things over the last few months, but now suddenly I'm desperate to do them all. I'm a starter at heart, not a finisher, but I come by it honestly. When I get the overwhelming urges, I make a list of what I'd *like* to do, then forget about it. It helps me get on with daily life.


I can't really bitch about the weather, considering that people in the NE of the US are snowed into their houses, but we've gotten a good bit of snow that's lasted a couple of days now, and there are light flurries outside the window even as I write. Since I can see some blue sky between the snow clouds, I don't think I'll go on a murderous rampage today. Maybe tomorrow.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

WARNING: not for epileptic patients!

From my SIL:

The Hasshoffian Recursion

This is so funny I had to pass it on, but so scary that you will probably require psychiatric counseling afterwards.