Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I'm back in black, er, blue

Most of the time, my life at the university rolls smoothly along. Then other times--like every time I try to use a departmental library--life hits a few bumps, flips a couple of times, and bursts into flames. That's an hour of my life I'm never going to get back.

I had pity on you all and spared you the diatribe I had scribbled after all that. Just so you are properly thankful.

The professors in my department are really very nice, but also very chatty. A two-hour office hour is just not enough for some people to get through a list of 7 people. I'm just saying. At least there was a little entertainment out in the hallway. The guy after me has a quack for a ring-tone. That is made of win!

One morning on the bus--isn't it always on the bus?--I saw a *ahem* well-built young woman wearing a bouffant hair-do and way too much eye shadow. She was a pair of platform shoes, false eyelashes, and a layer of cherry red lipstick away from being a drag queen.

After the bus, I passed a man on the bridge. Hey, Dude! Frankenstein says, "Shoulder pads--baaaad!"

Hannah whacked her head on the same lamp I gashed myself on last summer during the great clean-athon of 0-7. Of course she did this on a school night on her way to bed. (What she was doing crawling around behind her bed at bedtime, I'll never know.) She still has the scab, but I don't think it'll leave a bad scar.


Hannah and I have been crafting to the max recently. First, she made a house out of sugar cubes and egg-white + powdered-sugar glue.

Builder at work

Then I made a Halloween lantern.

Halloween lantern
(Hannah drew the face. The witch looks like she fears for her safety on that thing.)

Then Hannah made little confections out of baker's marzipan, dipping chocolate, and leftover butterscotch morsels.

Homemade confections

Finally, I made a card/table decoration that sits in front of a candle.

Christmas craft

Now I just need to come up with a Halloween design for my card, and I'll be set!

I was bragging to Kee that I am first! to buy xmas gifts this year. Some of them are even in the mail as we speak. (Mainly because they got packed with some birthday presents for October/November.) I realized while doing some of the xmas/bday shopping that now is the perfect time. The shops haven't yet turned up their heating to "hell", and no one else has started shopping, so there are no crowds. Hannah has already given us a list of demands wishes, so I could get hopping on that. Maybe after I start, write, and turn in my paper. :-(