Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Something from something

While I am waiting for some video footage to upload from our Scotland trip (I’ll be done with the write-up some day, I swear!), I thought I would clean out my “to be blogged” file for your entertainment and edification.

A while back, the universe was steering me toward all things Star Wars on the Internet. I just realized that a large portion of my recent “to blog” bookmarks are for things made of different things.

First, I would like to present Jennifer Maestre’s sculptures made out of pencils. This imp is my favorite.

Next, Brian Dettmer takes illustrated books and carves them to reveal the artwork within, making a totally new work of book-art in the process. I particularly like the piece made out of the Webster’s Dictionary.

Pete Goldlust carves crayons, and I cannot convey how cool they are with that simple description.

The artists aren’t named at this site, but everybody loves art made from veggies, right? (If you’re having a hard time figuring out what some of the veggies are, think bell pepper...)

Okay, this isn’t really making something out of something else, unless you consider making something knitted out of yarn to fall under that heading, but it was too cool to leave out: a knitted teratoma.

And finally, a picture of the cornucopia that is currently our fruit dish. I am planning to make the smaller winter squashes in the window into some sort of fall decoration, maybe make the littlest ones into heads for the medium ones.

Cornucopia of delights