Sunday, February 17, 2008

You guys are lucky

...I have John and Hannah to generate content for this blog, cuz otherwise I got nothing. I mean, the semester is over, so there are no weirdos to sit next to in class for me to report on, and I probably won't be riding the bus back and forth as much since I am now down one tutee (she is going to take an English class at the community college).

Hannah dug out her old electronic pig who is supposed to walk and grunt, but even with fresh batteries, he is defective. That doesn't matter to Hannah, though. She has dragged him around for several days now. She put a necklace on him, and I found her sticking the Kellies (the littlest Barbies) under his necklace. Hannah suggested that when people die, that's how they get to heaven--strapped to a pig.

Between the Barbies and the pig and a doll bed, the couch was pretty cluttered, so John told Hannah to clear it off (he's so picky about there being places available to *sit*). When he saw that the doll bed was still there, he gave her another reminder. Then she pointed out that the pig was in the doll bed, asleep. And of course that led John to make a comment about a pig in a blanket.
Me: *snort*
H: Be careful what you say, or piggy will kick your butt, Dad.
Me: Ha! Piggy can't even walk; he's a paraplegic.
H: But *Miss* Piggy is his aunt, and he has a cell phone.
Can't argue with her logic.

We all read a little as part of our bedtime routines (well, sometimes I do sudoku), and in addition, Eliza cat gets some petting from John. But when he is ready to read, it's nuts to Eliza:
"This is a book, Eliza. You can't be a part of it because you're illiterate."

Maybe someday soon I will also be witty, but don't hold your breath waiting for it.