Saturday, August 09, 2008

Clothes, Glorious Clothes

Once Hannah was out of school for the summer and I had finished my paper, it was time for us to do a little clothes shopping before all the summery clothes were gone. BTW, can you believe that the shops are already putting out the fall clothes?!

I haven’t bought Hannah much in the way of summer clothing the last couple of years because 1. she still had some stuff that fit and 2. one week of hot weather spread over three months does not a proper summer make.

But this year, her t-shirts have gotten obscenely small, so it was time to replace them. Maybe I can smuggle some of the old ones out of her closet now without her noticing.

As for me, I was down to one pair* of rather threadbare denim shorts and wanted something lightweight but with a little more coverage, like capris, to wear in the tropical climate of Italy later this summer. So in between Hannah grabbing everything in sight off the racks and whining that I wasn’t buying her jeans and boots (in the fall, I said!), I tried a few things on.

I am not really all that big, although I do have proper womanly curves in the right places, but apparently you have to have legs like dowel rods to be able to buy pants in the women’s or juniors’ sections here. I guess they just don’t design pants for the weeble wobble-shaped woman here, or I need to find a w-w shaped woman to follow into the right shop for that. Anyhow, I finally found a pair of pants that mostly fit. In the children’s department. In the huskies section. Yes, I had to adjust the *elastic in the waistband* of my *huskies children’s pants*, but now they fit. I mean, screw it. John likes the way they look on me, and Hannah can wear them next year (they are only one size larger than she wears) if she starts getting husky on me. The end.

* I actually found another pair of shorts in the back of the closet after I had gone shopping. They are dark blue heavy twill, but the waist is lower than I am generally comfortable with. Unfortunately, that was all I could find last year when I was looking, and I’m not sure that I even got to wear them last year because the weather changed again as soon as I had bought them.