Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Knee-Deep in Rodents

Hannah's BFF got a rabbit at the same time as she got Hannah's birthday mice. Over the weekend, we were supposed to attend a christening for the rabbit on Saturday, then the BFF would come to our house to officiate at the christening for the mice on Sunday. Well, Hannah spent the night with the BFF on Friday, and by 10 am on Saturday, they were sick to death of each other. We kind of figured the christening party was off, but the mom of the BFF called to see if we were still coming. Hannah came around to the idea, after we had eaten, of course, but we went to the BFF'S and had dinner anyway.

We had a nice time hanging out, although they insist on pouring drinks, even though I don't drink. John helpfully suggested that I like mixed drinks (like twice when I was in college, hello!), so they brought out some sweet schnapps. The glasses were totally cool. I wish I could find a picture to show you. They were egg-shaped, round-bottomed, and sat at a tilt, but they weren't that easy to tip over. I'll keep looking for a picture.

This crazy (but lovely) family finally got shot of us around 10 pm, then planned to pack and drive to Italy. *That night.* Due to a last-minute misplacing of some extra keys, I ended up being in charge of watering plants as well as feeding bunnies while they are gone, but that is no big deal. They do favors for us all the time.

But since they took off for Italy, taking the planned officiant with them, our poor mice have not had their official christening. I think Hannah may have done something with the drinking water, but she didn't make a big production of it like the BFF, who made a flower-bedecked altar and "holy water" laced with oil in the back yard. I didn't think flicking the oil-laden water on the bunny during the ceremony was a good idea, in case it got in her eyes, but no one asked me.

I like the mice more than I thought I would. They are very cute! Hannah loves them, except at night. I kind of thought they might be active at night, but the BFF insisted NO when she brought them over. Ha ha, wrong kid. We've started running the fan in Hannah's room at night for white noise. It is a good thing she is so warm natured.

Mouse 1 and Mouse 2--or Dickerchen and Pipsqueak--or Vanessa and Isabelle
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[Edited to add: I went through that "new baby at home" stage with the mice. I was checking on them every 30 minutes for the first couple of days because I was worried that we had overlooked some important part of their diet or care, and that they would kick the bucket on us. I hate the "new baby at home stage", but now that they seem to have settled in, I'm not compelled to lift all the mouse furniture first thing in the morning to check for tiny corpses.]


westexgirl said...

Just my .02... the oil may be more dangerous to the bunny's digestive system rather than her eyes. If it goes rancid on her and she licks it off... well, I'm just sayin'.

I managed to cause the untimely demise of a hamster once by putting vegetable oil on a squeaking hamster wheel, thinking it would be safer than, say WD40. And it was for about three days. Lesson learned.

Nee S. said...

Well, the ceremony was Saturday evening, and she still seemed ok on Tuesday afternoon... I don't think there was enough oil in the water to hurt her, but I'll keep an extra eye on her the next day or two, just in case. I'd hate to have her croak on us.