Tuesday, November 30, 2004

'Tis the Season to be Panicked, tra la la

Oh My God! We are flying to Texas in less than 3 weeks, and panic is about to erase all coherent thought from my brain. In the next 3 weeks:

* I have 2 mid-term exams.
* I have to do ALL of my xmas shopping.
* I have more than 15 pages to translate by the 5th.
* We have to pack for a 3-week stay in Texas, plus xmas gifts for the extended family.
* The regular daily grind of homework, reading, cooking, cleaning, laundry, attending classes, grocery shopping, and child-toting.

Plus, we will be losing 2 days due to outings:

* A day trip to a museum in Schweinfurt and then on to Rothenburg, home of a famous xmas market.
* A traditional Swedish smorgasbord and xmas event, where D.D. will be performing in the Lucia procession.

As you can see, I have gone into list-making mode, a sure sign that I feel overwhelmed. This is about the 4th list I've made since yesterday. L.H. has joined in the gift-planning, so that helps to alleviate one worry, but there are still plenty to take its place.