Friday, May 20, 2011

Ketchup? Catsup? Catch-Up!

Hannah is home sick today. She got overheated during the night, even though it wasn't terribly warm, even in her closed-off room, and had to go find a bucket. She said she spent some time spitting in the toilet but hadn't actually puked, but I let her stay home anyway. In the past, she has power-puked on the bus and at school after a night like that, so it's better to give her a little rest. It was also very good timing, school-wise, because she had a lot going on this week except for today, and then she has 2-3 tests next week. Birthday-wise, she should be all better by Sunday, but even if she weren't, it wouldn't be so terrible since we have put off having her birthday party until she gets through all these tests.

The only wrench in her day off is that she is on restriction from all electronics at the moment. A note was sent home before her last school holiday (1-1/2 weeks at Easter) that she had failed to turn in her homework x number of times, but she neglected to give us the note until after school had started back. She claimed she didn't want to rule *our* holiday, but we saw through that pretty quickly. She then proceeded to give herself the above-mentioned punishment, to last 3 weeks. Oddly enough, she went way beyond the punishment we would have meted out for this particular offense, but we decided that we would make her stick with it. It's funny--the missing homework was tallied up from all of her classes, so it's possible she only missed one homework per class. I know for a fact that all but the last one were from the period before we had the come to Jesus meeting with her after we got her report card, and that one she did, but she was so disorganized that she couldn't find it when it was due. I'm obviously a mean mom, because I pointed out that her bad organization habits were having the same effect on her at school as her bad attitude earlier. Anyhow, I am letting her off one day early for her birthday. Let's just say that when she opens her presents, she may find the transition from no electronics to a plethora of electronics overwhelming.

I have been going to physical therapy for the last 2 weeks. The office is close to our house, and most of my sessions have been me lying on a heating pad for 15 or 20 minutes and then getting a massage. My doctor only prescribed 3 weeks (6 sessions), but I think I could stand doing it even longer. I've also gotten a couple of simple exercises and some good advice about my posture. I hadn't even noticed I was slumping a certain way until she brought it to my attention. It feels weird trying to correct it, like I have to assume a superhero stance all the time. (I noticed that John stands that way naturally.)

I can't wait to go back to the regular doctor and hopefully get off some of these stupid pills she's got me on. Just this morning, after checking on Hannah and starting on my coffee, I said to myself, "I'm so glad I haven't puked up any of these stupid things yet" (gag--yes, puke--no), and of course I ended up barfing in the sink. TMI, perhaps, but it just goes to show that it is easy to jinx yourself.

--Nee in Germany should make more notes when she goes so long without posting