Sunday, July 31, 2016

Break out the Bollinger, sweet chops

The semester is over! I have already finished my grading for 3 out of 5 classes, and I should be able to finish the other two this week. I feel like a kid on pixie sticks and Red Bull let loose in an arcade.

I'm starting to look a bit worse for wear. I had an allergy test on Wednesday--no allergies found, thank you very much--so arms were covered in red pricks for several days, then I managed to punch myself in the eye last night trying to pull up the covers with a hand that was asleep, and today I spent a good hour picking blackberries, so I'm scratched and poked just about everywhere.

But I feel good anyway.

And that is despite watching The Graduate last night. Somehow I've never seen it, and watching it pissed me off. Ok, there was some interesting stuff with the cinematography, but it was basically Exhibit A for a certain type of American male narcisissm. At one point, the cuckolded husband wanted to know what he had done to be so disrespected. Same thing for the whiny college grad. Not one word about the two women involved. And the college grad was a total creeper. Blergh. Everything but the soundtrack was gross, and even that threw me off because it was all Simon and Garfunkel, and now I can never listen to one of my favorite songs--April, Come She Will--the same way again. Damnit.

Nee in Germany is dipping her toes back in the water