Saturday, September 01, 2007

And Lame-O Was her Name-O

After some time off, it is hard getting back into the rhythm of blogging, and school, and writing, well, just about everything. This is going to be rough, but stick with me, eh?

When we got back from Scotland, John had a couple of birthday cards waiting for him, and he just wants to know, what’s with all the toilet humor?

Hannah has gotten noticeably taller recently, even to people that barely know her, so I just measured her: 55-1/2 inches at 10 years and 3 months. That’s a little over 2 inches taller than this time last year, but 1 inch of that is just since her birthday 3 months ago. Now where did I put that brick so I can put it on her head and stop her growing so fast?

I took Hannah into town to go to the library last week, and another one of those unique lines came up: “I don’t think they make burial clothes just for drag queens, Hannah.” She was disparaging my footwear.

In between my novel-a-day habit and some work for my part-time student job, I have gotten up to day 4 of our vacation journal, if you wanted to check it out. I was hoping to have a little uninterrupted work time since John went to campus to work on a paper he is submitting for a conference and Hannah went into town with her friend—they each have a new bus pass, and FREEDOM was calling to them this morning, but they got bored after Pizza Hut and one department store. And Hannah said that the gates around John’s department were closed, so I expect him to turn up soon, as well. *sigh* I guess I can label pictures until he gets home.