Saturday, June 02, 2007

Hannah to the nth

We had a pack of cards out that Hannah was playing with, and she says the King of Hearts is the one giving himself brain surgery with his sword to avoid paying the 2 pounds for regular surgery.

Hannah has developed into quite the Chatty Cathy. She's always been bad about interrupting--for the the last 10 years, John and I have only been able to have a normal conversation while she is asleep or gone at school or a friend's house--but recently she has started talking *non-stop*. I told John that now I know what it must have felt like to be my mother when I was a child, and that I was surprised she didn't go *mad*.

We bought UNO when we were doing Hannah's birthday shopping, and Hannah cracks us up when she says, "Thank God!" every. single. time she gets a +2 card. No one else can be that appreciative of extra cards in a game where the winner is the person who gets rid of all of her cards first.

Today at the shopping center where we went to do our grocery shopping, we took an ice cream break. While we were waiting for Hannah to finish snarfing down her bee-shaped ice cream, I pulled out my shopping list to finish it up. "What in God's name is that?!" she demanded. "A grocery list. And stop saying that." *Everything* is "What in God's name...?" I don't particularly care about the blasphemy, but the repetition is starting to get on my nerves.

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