Monday, January 29, 2007

All I Want for Xmas...

One of Hannah’s permanent teeth was coming in above her baby tooth, so she had to have the baby tooth pulled. It and the one next to it had been loose for months but just hadn’t been getting any looser. Since she was already numb, the dentist went ahead and pulled the neighboring tooth as well; he said it wouldn’t be long until it came out anyway. Hannah was glad for the 2 bucks (she knows about the Fairy, so I didn’t have to stay up past my bedtime to make the swap) but disappointed that she didn’t get gas, because she had heard about my experience when I had my 4 wisdom teeth out, where I was *inside* Mahler’s First Symphony; she wanted to be inside “Baila Loco” by Soul Control and had even imagined up an outfit for the occasion: a cropped shirt with one long and one short sleeve, covered in glitter, and a striped mini-skirt. She’s all about the pop-star fashion.

Hannah normally reads for a while at bedtime, but last night she wanted to play in the living room + 5 minutes of reading for her pre-sleep routine. Here are the results:

A robber band
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And their hide-out.
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Who knew that the littlest Barbies were also the most criminally minded?

We seem to have returned from Texas with more of Hannah’s school photos than I had anticipated, so now I fear that we overlooked someone (or ones). If you didn’t get a photo, or know of someone who didn’t, let me know so I can fix that. Hannah decided to embellish one of her photos; I keep it in my notebook, but I will share a very blurry version here.
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