Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I know I bid you all adieu earlier, but I must impose on you for a little sympathy before I leave on vacation. Ignoring for the moment the ugliness of my feet and the weird tan lines (thanks to my wearing mary janes all summer), check out my pinky toe. That's what happens when you don't see a wasp on your kitchen floor while rinsing some dishes and happen to step on it. It sucks! Fortunately, I still had some Adolph's meat tenderizer, so I was able to make a paste out of it, but it didn't seem to help. Oh well, it'll be better in the morning, I hope. Posted by Picasa


1. I did not mean to imply in my last post that MiddleSis is flying to Germany for her anniversary. I only meant that her *approaching* anniversary was a reminder to me to get the lead out with respect to the QUILT (I left out the L in the last post, too *facepalm*), because I want to finish before xmas.

2. It has been pretty quiet around here recently, hence the lack of posting. Sitting in the easy chair quilting and quilting and quilting is not really the stuff of epic literature, so I decided to give you a break on that. Also, the cold and wet have not been conducive to fun and games. But we did manage to get out during a break in the weather on a couple of days, and I have put shiny new links up on the right under Yahoo albums for your viewing enjoyment. I have also added a few new Hannah photos to my Flickr account.

3. I’m afraid the online photos are going to have to hold you until we get back from vacation on Sept. 4 or 5. We are driving up through northern Germany, over Denmark, and into Sweden, departing tomorrow morning.

Keep cool, and I’ll see you back here in a week-and-a-half.