Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Xmas is barreling down upon me

The xmas prep has started!
Hannah, House Decorator

The advent calendars were stood on the wood oven with care:
Advent Calendars

But a little mouse has already been at the gingerbread house:
A Little Mouse Nibbled on the House

Hannah had to go to bed the other night before the "Unfabulous" movie was over, so I thoughtfully stayed up and recorded the last 30 minutes. Hannah was just finishing her book when it was over, so I thoughtfully went in and told her how it ended (smooching!). "Thanks for telling me the juiciness!" My sarcasm detector was impaired that night, but I caught on the next morning.

It has taken Hannah a few tries to figure out how to use "BM" properly in conversation. Tonight at dinner, a little air bubble escaped her. I asked what was up, and she answered, "BM?" Not unless you've just filled up your pants, kid. "BG, then? For Big Gas." All right then.

John is always highly amused at my comments while I'm editing: "Serial commas are eating my lunch." Well, they were!

In an effort to get on top of my perilously teetering to-do pile, I'm foreswearing the Internet on all weekdays between now and xmas. I'm hoping to get the bulk of my xmas ordering done this weekend, but John is just as swamped as I am, so it may take the two of us a little longer this year to agree on our purchases. It doesn't mean we don't love you if your gift is late.

Anyhoo, the point is that if you desperately need to reach me, cc John on email or just call.

Sayonara for now!