Thursday, December 31, 2015


The supermarket closes in 2 hours, and I need to walk over, but I can't leave the house because I am waiting on someone to come by, and I wish they would just hurry up, because they are late.

But once that is out of the way, we'll be busy busy for the next couple of days. Tonight we're going to a New Year's sleepover at our friends', a fairly new tradition that saves me a long drive home in the middle of the night. Tomorrow we're invited to a traditional Korean New Year's Day lunch with our neighbors.

Hannah has to go back to work/training on Jan. 4, but the university is closed through Jan. 6 (Epiphany), so John and I don't have to teach again until Jan. 11. I've got a huge backlog of stuff to get through between now and then, but at least I don't also have to go in to the university.

I'm trying to practice my knitting, but I'm not sure I've got it down. More practice!

--Nee in Germany gets the craft-bug over the holidays

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Addicted to LMFAO

... the musical group, not the Internet shorthand. I've discovered two things about listening to music while I work: 1. bopping around in my chair while I work keeps my back from getting jacked up, and 2. music helps smother all the rest of the brain noise that keeps me from concentrating on my work. I go through phases where I only listen to one album or one artist on repeat, but other times I just put my MP3 player on random. I'm about to download a few songs off amazon to add to my collection, such as from the aforementioned LMFAO, from Taylor Swift (I don't think I've heard more than 2 of her songs, only one of which I plan to download), and from David Guetta, for maximum boppiness.

We went to see Star Wars, and through a series of minor blunders ended up seeing it in 3D. I seem to remember having a headache after my last 3D experience, but it ended up being a non-issue this time. I *really* enjoyed myself, and afterwards I could understand how a friend's children ended up putting over 2000 "steps" on their Fitbits over the course of the film. There was a lot of excited wiggling going on, even if I *am* almost 43.

I cooked up some eggnog yesterday, which is the only kind John likes because it reminds him of the store-bought kind back home. That was never my favorite kind, personally, but whatever. Our neighbor who has been working in France since September is going to come over for eggnog and goodies this evening, since he also likes that kind of eggnog. Our house has been a magnet for Americans (mostly military) and USA-philes for a long time, so he has been exposed to various American foods. I didn't have time to bake until xmas eve, which is when Germans typically celebrate the holiday with their families, so Hannah and I took some cookies around on the second day of xmas and managed to catch several neighbors at home to ply them with buttery treats. Never fear, there are still plenty of homemade delights (minus the turtles, mmmm) to share with our recently returned neighbor over eggnog tonight.

Nee in Germany lives off cookies and licorice during the holidays