Friday, July 04, 2008

TMI = Comedy Gold

(I told John I was going to blog this, but I don't think he believed me.)

We were in bed, and the sheet had slid off, and I asked John to pull it back up because I didn't like the cats looking at my ass. "They can see right up my crack!"

John: "Those cats can't tell the difference between your crack and your face."

Way to be reassuring, Honey!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

minorly annoyed

The last few days have been beset with minor annoyances. While getting some milk out, Hannah knocked a cup of yoghurt out of the fridge, which then exploded lemony dairy over half the tile floor. I left the mop propped against the counter in the kitchen, and Hannah bumped it, causing it to fall onto the cat’s ceramic food bowl and smash the edge of it off. Etc. Etc. Sometimes it seems that my life is just a string of minor annoyances.

On Monday, I turned on the TV briefly while I was eating lunch, and in the middle of a tourist ad for some African country, the picture narrowed down to a couple of colorful stripes in the middle of the screen. I turned the TV off and back on. Stripes. I turned on the DVD player. Stripes. I turned everything back off and thought. Then I vacuumed the back of the TV. Bingo! We are bathing in the electric glow again! One small success can really turn my day around (for a little bit, at least).

In other news, John found flights on Ryanair to Stockholm in August for 0 Euros (I think the roundtrip total for the three of us is 150 Euros in fees), so we are going to Stockholm for about 5 days for John’s birthday in the middle of the month, then a week after we get back, we’re driving to Italy for 12 days. I am planning on putting our adventures in European travel up on my travel blog; I’ll keep you posted.

It’s a shame that the bulk of our extended family’s birthdays are in the late summer/fall, because we are going to be as poor as church mice after all that traveling. Thank goodness for our American visa—we sure can’t use it over here with the horrible exchange rate. But we have it in case of emergency.

Hannah has an infection in her toe. We had been treating it at home, and it was getting better, but then after she spent the day doing the equivalent of the Presidential Fitness Test, she was complaining about it, so I took her in to the doctor. Who then gave me a prescription for iodine and curd soap (?--Kernseife). So unless her toe swells up or really starts to hurt, we continue with the home treatment. Plus she has another plantar wart, so I spend way more time than I enjoy messing with her right foot.

Except for me bitching and moaning about writing my paper, and John working his heart off (as he put it on the phone today) on several projects at once, and Hannah waiting impatiently for the end of school in 3-1/2 weeks, that is all that is happening with us. Our life is one big party, no?