Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hannah got her Barbie tent all set up the way she wants it, and is now on her way to realizing her week-long dream of being a therapist. But she's closed on Monday and Wednesday. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Music Soothes the Savage Breast?

Or not. I’ve had a series of earworms the last few days that have not been annoying so much as inexplicable. Usually, I walk around humming the theme from the Beverly Hillbillies or Mahler’s 1st Symphony. Since yesterday, I’ve had stuck in my head, at various times:

* the background music to Eminem’s “Stan” (which on checking is Dido’s “Thank You”)

* Spongebob’s “Campfire Song” (C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E, sing it!)

* “Do You Really Want It?” by that irascible duo, Soul Control

B-O-M-B-Y has been useless in the face of this musical onslaught. I wonder if this is my brain’s way of telling me, “All circuits are busy. Enjoy some music while you’re on hold.”

Speaking of music, I have a bone to pick with John. Back when Hannah was little (*sob*), we looked at the music on our computer and decided some of it was inappropriate if she should come across it. Yet, I see that King Missile is still on here. If John gets to keep his “Detachable Penis,” I want my “Chocolate Salty Balls” back!

After years and years of denial, I have finally accepted that I cannot wear shoes with any kind of heel. There’s some kind of tendon (? I’m not a medical professional) that runs across my ankle and the top of my foot that gets sore/irritated even when wearing square-ish shoes with relatively low, wide heels. John doesn’t like these shoes anyway, but my rule of thumb when shopping goes like this:
1. comfort
2. fits *my* sense of aesthetics
3. fits other people’s sense of aesthetics

If someone tries to force #3 into the #2 or even the #1 spot, I feel compelled to invoke the “Bite Me” rule. (See sock post.)

As much as I like to pretend that I hate the expression “stupid cow,” I must say that it is perfect in certain situations. Say, when 2 girls are sitting on the stairs chatting and people are trying to get past in a space big enough for just 1 person.

I walked most of the way home from town this afternoon so I could TAKE MORE PHOTOS! Bwa ha ha! If you can’t stand the photos, stay out of the album! Or something. I had 120 photos when I walked in the door, but I pared them down and sorted them out, so there are now just under half up at yahoo. (I wasn’t going to inflict more Spring on you all, but a little bird told me that at least one of you likes them.)

Today was the first hot day this year. 30C! (86F) My grandmother mentioned they finally had a day *below* 90 a week or so ago in West Texas. But for us it was wonderfully hot and sunny. Walking around, I noticed all the smells of Spring/Early Summer that you don’t notice are missing: the river, cut grass, cow manure (near a small dairy), a faint scent of flowers. Lovely!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Attack of the Yahoo Photo Albums!

We had a lovely time on our Labor Day outing today, culminating in a billion photos for your perusal. About 20 minutes into our hike, Hannah admitted that she was "gradually starting to have fun." Well, I wouldn't want it to be a waste of our time.

On the way home, we shot more Spring photos. Really, I should just call these albums "Other People's Yards", because that's basically what they are. We live in an apartment, so I plant the seeds out of my fruit into pots for fun (they're sprouting!), try to keep the few houseplants I've bought alive, and enjoy the bounty of other people's gardening efforts and expense.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Where Did I Go Wrong as a Mother?

Last night, Hannah told me, "Mom! Smell my finger!" and stuck her hand in my face.

Whoa, kid. That is something you never, ever, ever do to someone. It ranks right up there with putting your toothbrush in the toilet.

"Or telling someone to pull your finger," she helpfully added.

Now you're getting the idea.

I think John has male pms, because he is not being his usual cheerful self, and I may have to kill him. (See sock photo below.) His back is much better, though. He hasn't had to use his hot wattle bottle in several days and even managed to ride his bike into work a couple of days.

Tomorrow is Labor Day in lots of Europe, so we're going to celebrate the German way by going on a Wanderung (hiking). Hannah is protesting vociferously since we went 2 years ago with friends. Oh, no! Doing the same thing as 2 years ago! It's a rut!

It's the start of asparagus season, but fortunately, we are blessed with the gift of not being able to perceive the stinky pee, so we'll be enjoying lots of it. German asparagus is white, which means it grows covered with dirt so it doesn't develop chlorophyll properly (and may not be as nutritious as the green, but we're not sure). Asparagus is a big deal in a neighboring town, where they grow it and even crown an "asparagus queen".

Only one week into the new semester, and I am already studiously avoiding work. Pitiful. I guess I'll go make my famous homemade pot pie instead.

My collection of fancy socks has dwindled down to a few xmas-themed pairs, but I still like to wear them. John was in some kind of mood yesterday, and was haranguing me for wearing these in public. WTF?! But I'll show him--I'll get a pair for every day of the week! Posted by Picasa