Friday, August 03, 2007

I am a gardener. Really!

Not much going on with us. We all are kind of dragging, maybe due to a mild cold or just the semester/school year catching up with us now that vacation has started.

But in other news, my tomatoes are thriving.

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My Thanksgiving cacti are putting out new, purple leaves, and even Hannah's Venus flytrap is trying to bloom.

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Last but not least, the perfect fusion of Star Wars and organic farming: Grocery Store Wars

Monday, July 30, 2007

Ode to My Office Supplies

pencil sharpener—
ain’t no sunshine when you’re gone,
my silver darling

I feel a bit like the Hulk, but instead of being doomed to walk the earth alone, I am doomed to never find my goddamned pencil sharpener when I want it. That was one of the “little things” I was bitching about losing a few weeks ago, and now I’ve gone and lost the replacement I bought. That fucking pisses me off (as evidenced by my language). John says I should attach it to a tire so I don’t lose it; I thought about putting it on one of those wallet chains. Whadya think?

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(Thanks to Bandit at Bikernet for the original photo.)

Anyhoo, office supply heartaches aside... I made tomato soup and cloverleaf rolls for dinner, and John was asking me how I managed it (with my mad chef skillz, yo!): “Did you roll the dough into little balls first and then drop them in the muffin hole?” “Muffin hole” has now officially taken over for “cake hole” at Chez Nee: Shut your muffin hole!
[ETA: John told me after he read this that he'd actually said, "stuff them in your muffin hole", which I had thought, but then I assumed it was my twisted brain putting words in his mouth. And in case you haven't caught on, he was talking about a muffin tin. *vbg*]

This isn’t looking so sexy anymore, eh?
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But then I gave it a drink of water and it, ahem, perked back up.

The teenager downstairs insists on cranking his stereo a couple of times a day, and I discovered this morning that polka music with the bass turned up is a very effective counter-measure against washing machine music. I don’t know who gave us that CD (Jooge and Mr. Jooge?), but I actually kind of liked it. John was not amused by the music or my reaction to it, but at least it worked on the neighbor and I could turn it off quickly.

Hannah is now officially a 5th grader and on summer vacation, so we are sleeping late and otherwise being bums. Only 15 days until we leave for Scotland!