Sunday, October 09, 2011

Less Golden October

I have been stupidly, horribly busy pretty much since we set foot back in Germany after our Texas trip in August. Hence the lack of posting. But I am taking a few minutes for myself this morning before I have to start the next batch of insanity to put up a few bits and bobs.

When we got back from Texas, my plants were in surprisingly good shape, although the few tomatoes on the vine had problems probably related to the uneven watering over the previous month. So I chucked those and went back to watering regularly and my little plants, all grown from seeds, started really putting the tomatoes out.

I waited until the weather forecast said our Golden October was going to be over to pick them, but now I've got a good couple dozen (large) cherry tomatoes ripening in the kitchen.

Hannah totally cracks me up. One Saturday, she woke up extra early, even before the cartoons were on, so the only thing on tv was informercials. When I asked her about it, she said, "Yeah, now I need a Nicer Dicer and some of those pills."

When we were in Texas, I managed to buy the last of the supplies I needed for a Halloween cross-stitch project for my very own, but I have been so busy that it has languished in a corner. I finally had to admit to myself that I just won't have the time to work on it before this Halloween. I guess I should put it away properly so none of the bits get lost before I can start work on it.

I am going to be teaching 5 classes this semester, which starts tomorrow. I'm kind of regretting signing up for this gig, but there is nothing for it now. I've already told them, though, that there is little chance I'll want to be hired on again after this semester, so that is one less thing to discuss at the end of my contract.

And now I have to get back to chipping away at my pile.

-Nee in Germany wishes she had a Time-Turner like Hermione