Thursday, March 25, 2010

Follow along

I took a break from translating earlier to eat lunch and clean the stairwell. Normally, our house is as quiet as the grave, minus our cats meowing their heads off, but someone went into or out of each of the other 3 apartments during the 45 minutes or so I was sweeping and mopping.

The last person came out of the apartment directly below us. I thought it might be the son, who was a teenager when we first moved in here and is now in his early twenties. I don’t know what he does exactly, but I remembered that I’ve seen him with the ambulance service, so I thought he might be an ambulance driver, and thought that was pretty cool. But then I remembered that in Germany, young men have mandatory military service; if they object, they are allowed to do social service instead. So maybe he was doing the ambulance thing as part of his social service. Still cool.

This thought led to the memory of the members of Tokio Hotel getting their orders, but trying to get out of it because they were on tour in America. And then I realized that there was no situation I could imagine the German army being in where they would say, “Damn, if only we had Bill Kaulitz here!”

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