Monday, May 19, 2008

News of the Weird, Hannah edition

Hannah has changed her mind that she wants to be cremated when she dies. Instead, she wants a double-decker casket, with a tv and unlimited movies, a toilet, and snacks and magazines. Plus, everyone has to wear white to her funeral.

In less morbid news, she has revisited the Grease-remake idea and decided that the original Grease needs to be remade with *pets*. John wanted to know if the cats and hamsters would get greasy hair-dos. Hannah gave him her patented "whatever" look, complete with "W" gesture.

I took Hannah to John's office while I had class today (only 1 week of school vacation left--woooo!), and on the way we passed a little boy walking with 2 ladies who were ignoring him crying. (Totally understandable.) Hannah wondered why he was crying. I pointed out that the ladies had probably denied him candy or ice cream, or permission to pick up a dead bird. Hannah said she wouldn't cry like that because she is a teenager. I pointed out that she is 10 years and 51 weeks and 5 days old. That is a far cry from "teenager". Then she came home and played on the Noggin site. *g*

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