Saturday, April 26, 2008

Avatar and Nee

My prediction about my favorite TV show, Avatar, came true. After airing the first 11 episodes of the third season, they went all the way back to the very first episode *of season 1*. This lead me to do a little poking around on the Internet, where I discovered that in the US the last 4 episodes will make a giant series finale *in July*. I was in a funk about this, so I did some more poking and found a trailer for the second half of season 3 that was just released at Comic Con. You’d think this would be good, but it just put me in more of a tizzy. Then on the German Nick, they announced that the series finale will be in the fall. *In the fall*, people. So, like, 5 months from now.

For those of you with Harry Potter inclinations, it’s like Book 6 came out, and then JK Rowling announced that extra people were going to die in Book 7, and then Scholastic moved the release date for Book 7 back to a later date. *That* is the level of pain I was experiencing, seriously. I am totally Nickelodeon’s bitch.

But then John, my dear husband, father of my child, light of my life, fire of my loi—oops! Moving on, he found episodes 12 and 13 online, thanks to the generosity of the Canadians in airing 2 more episodes than the Americans. A good chunk of the trailer clips were in those 2 episodes, which I found reassuring somehow. Since then, I have been feeling more calm about having to wait, but that might have more to do with the fact that I am coming off a manic hormone peak. Or stoic resignation. Or anti-pms. It’s hard to tell.

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