Sunday, January 06, 2008


My grandfather always liked to get in on the ground-floor of new technology, so he was an early buyer of the Betamax video player and the Intellivision videogame system. When he moved up to the next new thing, we often inherited his old stuff. John still laughs at me a little for playing on a game system that had a disc instead of proper buttons. My all-time favorite game was Burger Time: A little chef runs around the screen trying to make the layers of a hamburger drop down while avoiding the evil weenies, eggs, and pickles. If you manage to drop a layer onto a bad condiment, there is a satisfying *squish* sound; AND you are armed with pepper that you can spray onto the baddies and freeze them temporarily.

I check the DamnHellAssKings site pretty often for updates and just noticed this new site linked recently: Videogamey. I was totally hooked when I saw the post "Walking Egg From Burgertime, Internal Monologue Of." *insert sound of breathless laughter*

Then tonight, Hannah found the SpongeBob version on the Nick web site. They call it Patty Panic, but it is totally Burgertime Nick-point-oh. At least Hannah will know the joy that is Burgertime, even if in a bastardized and commercialized form that I, a purist, will never stoop to play (while anyone is looking).

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