Sunday, January 06, 2008

Save our earth

I am a big fan of The Rage Diaries and the interesting articles and commentary provided by Lisa Schmeiser.

In the same vein, I just came across this article at Arthur Frommer's blog (of the Frommer's travel guides):

Arthur Frommer Online: I got the strangest reaction when I recently suggested the adoption of a system for turning out lights in a hotel room

I secretly worry that the end of civilization as we know it will end with a crash and bang (and soon!), and I catch myself mentally cataloging the items in our home that we could eat for nutrition or burn for warmth. When I read an article like this, I don't know whether I should be relieved that someone is putting the word out or worried that no one is listening.


redfox1218 said...

Yikes! I for one endorse the shut off the lights policy! I laugh when people whine about the fact that gas prices are increasing. They sure don't seem to care about gas prices when they speed down the freeway at 85mph in their F-350 trucks. I also agree with the "cosmetic energy saving" People don't want a hybrid unless it looks and screams "I'm a hybrid, I care more than you do!". Pathetic.

Sorry you obviously touched a nerve with me. ;)

Hope ya'll are doing well, oh and to keep the dates (any sticky ingredient) from sticking to your knife, spray with Pam or a similar product. Just not the "olive oil" kind, it will start to add flavor to your recipe. :)


Nee S. said...

Preach it, sister!

A colleague once mailed me an article from Harper's and included their front-page index (I love Harper's Index, and for this reason alone will get a new subscription whenever we get back to the States). I still have it.

April 2001
"Gallons by which daily US oil consumption would drop if SUVs' average fuel efficiency increased by 3 mpg: 49 million"
"Gallons per day that the proposed drilling of Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is projected to yield: 42 million"

In other words, not even enough to make up the difference between current SUV fuel efficiency and a 3 mpg improvement. *GAH!*