Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I got a job!

...as a student employee/proofreader. With my tutoring gig, I will be working about 10 hours a week, plus taking two upper-division courses. I think that is the perfect division of work/study: just enough that neither will make me crazy, and not so much that it eats into my family time. I am looking forward to being around other people more and being useful outside the house. Having a job and all that entails was an important part of my life back in Austin, and I have been kind of missing it. I can't wait to start!


westexgirl said...

Go Nee, go Nee! I had no doubt when I heard it was *proofreading*. No offense to the rest of my peeps out there, but when it comes to proofing, Nee has got it going on like nobody else.

PS - Made a 74/75 on that paper... lost a point for some minor formatting issues that I missed, nothing you could have foreseen, and was given kudos for a very nice and *well written* job. Thanks for your help!

Nee S. said...

Yay, WTGirl! I knew you would get a rockin' grade, 'cause you wrote a rockin' paper. I'm sure your prof was crying tears of joy when he read it. :-)