Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Working working working, dying dying dying...

Let's see ... at the rate I'm currently going, I'll have finished my paper by sometime in late 2009. I need to pick up the pace if I want to get this thing turned in before classes start again the third week of April.

Hannah is on Easter vacation, so of course she has a bad cold. Which means she has to sneak into my bed in the middle of the night to breathe sick germs on me and steal my pillow and generally squash me, which equals a bad night's sleep for Nee. I think I'm going to bed early, like right after posting this.

John has totally put me to shame with his stick-to-it-iveness. I think I hate him. He's spent the whole day preparing for a new class he'll be teaching this semester. What an upstanding jerk, ha ha. (Please take my sarcastic assholery with a grain of salt--I'm totally projecting onto poor John.)

Back to the mines!

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