Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I do not like... daughter waking me up in the night 3 times in one week. I thought she had outgrown that. husband tricking me into getting up at 8 am on Sunday. He refused to believe that “cotton on to” (1) was a legitimate usage, and being too much of a reference-nerd to let that pass, I was forced to get up and prove him wrong.

...discovering our cats lounging on the dining-room table when I went to look in the dictionary.

...the tree at the bus stop in town. It is covered in enormous spikes that could be really dangerous if I were a foot taller. And the equally enormous pods it drops (as long as my forearm) look like they could be incubators for alien beings.

...clouds. True, it is officially -1C (about 30F), but it feels colder than when it was officially -5C (about 23F). I hate you, clouds.

(1) from Merriam-Webster online:

Function: intransitive verb
1 : to take a liking -- used with to <cottons to people easily>
2 : to come to understand -- used with to or on to <cottoned on to the fact that our children work furiously -- H. M. McLuhan>

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westexgirl said...

Evil, evil tree... I bet it is in league with The Orchids. Soon they will get us all.