Wednesday, July 27, 2005

You wanted photos, you got photos! Here is the perfect dress for a hooker on her big day. Posted by Picasa


dutchie said...

o man, and i thought; well not my taste, but not too bad!
I have been visiting your blog on and off so i know you've been going on about the weddingdress shop for some time, but it makes me curious what you got married in?

Keep up the cursing! ;)
I don't believe in ppl who do not curse.

KarenS said...

Hi Dutchie, I like the cursing,too. It's kind of creative cursing. I know for a fact that this blogger got married in the most gorgeous, elegant, traditional satin gown,and she made it herself....When she started down the aisle I started to cry,,,She was so beautiful...Her husband is the luckiest guy in the world!

Nee S. said...

My dress was pretty simple, no sequins or doo-dads. Practically Amish, you might say. Actually, it was this off-white color that made me look like a soft-serve ice cream cone, but I was down with that.

Ok, so the dress in the window isn't *that* bad. I couldn't make the photo of the left side of the window load into my blog, but that dress was very demure and pretty, and only served to highlight the tackiness of this dress.