Monday, July 25, 2005

Call for help

Help! I am trying to think of something that is technically edible, but slightly disgusting. Along the lines of escargot, but not just lying around in nature. Maybe something that has to be prepared, like a jar of pickled eggs. And it must be "clean" enough to hold in the hand without filthing it up (or maybe in a cloth sack).

Ok, let the brainwaves roll in!

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KarenS said...

Hi Nee, I just bought a few supplies for Thai cooking. Thai fermented shrimp paste is edible, but stinks like catfish bait. I had to put the small plastic bowl itis pkged in into a ziplock bag...STINKY! Be glad to send you some, or carry it when we come to your home town, Hugs, Mom in HOT Loozeeana