Saturday, March 05, 2016

Reporting from the past

I am trying to clear away the drifts of paper that have taken over my desk and came across the notes John and I were writing to each other during a play put on by Hannah's class in the 11th grade. I'm typing it up here for posterity, so I can get rid of the paper and also share the absolute WTFuckery of it all.

Me: Very sensual for our daughter's 11th grade play

John: phallic fruit salad

Song: "Silence is Sexy"
Me: as death?

Me: Where's Gallagher when you need him?

Me: Was [classmate] the pink-haired girl?

Me: short dresses and the dance of love

John: too much sexy

Me (from here on out): When did they get masks?

You call that a sense of musicality?!

[Music to prove the theater teacher is still cool.]

broken gaydar

It's my bedtime. :(

Inappropriate therapist! Quacking! With a ukelele! This play is getting better and better.

Now is the time on Sprockets when we dance

[Hannah's giving it her all!]

Fruity confusion Where's the fruit-based violence?


--loony bin!

--square dance!

Hannah is flumpy. Pinkie has the same posture as Hannah.


Hannah's inner voice is a dick

Silence of the lambs`

hep ghost is hep
or is it a musical gorilla?

baby Nihilist


Conspiracy Theorist--too late!


someone's going to lose a finger

Hannah is probably hating this--she never looked up

[weird music accompanying
  • dancing
  • toothbrushing
  • tedding mauling
  • front and back masks and yelling
  • scratching--note: lay off the smack, girls? chatos?
  • suggestive rubbing
  • petrified
  • he's a zombie!
  • Wormtail!
  • child abuse
And that is how we spent one evening in a German institution of learning, ladies and gentlemen.

--Nee in Germany is tidying herself into an early grave

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