Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Boring...boring...but not gone

After a whirlwind, uh, four weeks through Texas, we are back home and getting back in the groove. Although we haven't picked up our keys from the catsitters yet. Another thing to put on the to-do list.

Hannah is attending tutoring every morning to make up the hours she missed (and we paid for) during August. This is actually a very good thing, because it is getting us back in her school routine early, which should make next Monday, the first day of school, less painful.

Yesterday I met with the gastroenterologist to get the low-down on my upcoming colonoscopy. I already knew about the procedure through the power of his own web site, so it was basically the assistant telling me everything I already knew, giving me a prescription for the pre-procedure drano, and taking some blood, which hurt like a bitch. Surprisingly, I didn't bruise, but it wasn't fun. It made me think back on my pregnancy wistfully, because my OB had a phlebotomist who must have come down from heaven on a cloud, she was so good.

John is going back in to the office today. Classes don't start until October, but he needs to take care of a few things and go by the bike shop to buy a new bike chain. His broke right before we left on vacation, so his only exercise for the last week has been jogging and washing dishes.

The cats were healthy and whole when we got home, although Missy seems to have lost some weight. I can now feel her various bones through the fur. I don't know if there was a problem with the feeding schedule while we were gone or if the low-fat cat food we bought is finally showing results. In either case, she now looks more like a regular cat and less like a landslide of fur.

John and I have very full to-do lists for this fall, so we are going to be busy busy, but I think I prefer it that way.

Nee in Germany is glad to be back out of the Texas heat

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