Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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Since last I wrote, Hannah turned 14 and had a small (thank you baby jeebus) sleepover to celebrate. She is now powering through her birthday money by swimsuit and sandal shopping, although we are still tussling over the height of the heels on the shoes. Fourteen still seems too young for stacked heels, although 15 sounds a-ok. I found a good compromise at a shoe shop that was having a summer sale, but they didn't have them in Hannah's size. I saw I can get them online, but she'll have to agree.

I was saved the indignity of accompanying her and her 3 friends to the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie by the expedient of making up some shopping I had to do (it wasn't THAT pressing). Karma came by and kicked the shit out of me for that; no sooner had I procured some tank tops and a new blouse for myself than my right knee went on strike. I think it was the shoes I was wearing. Anyhow, I had a book on me (of course) and was able to find a bench off the beaten path to sit on and get a little pink because I had forgotten to put on my day creme with sunscreen. Then I limped halfway to our rendevous point and sat and read a bit longer until it was time to go, by which time I could walk again, although gingerly. For that, I was rewarded with some Pizza Hut pizza, our old birthday stand-by.

I'm in a minor panic about a shit-ton of work I've got bids in for or have already agreed to do. I've got two book-length editing gigs signed up starting this month and going through mid-October. Then there are 2 large (and I mean LARGE--800+ web pages and a technical report) translating jobs that I've put in for. If you don't hear from me any time soon, it is because I am working my butt off or hyperventilating in a corner.

I did manage to procure some software that should help me with the translating jobs, though (if I get them). That should take some of the pressure off. A tad. A smidge.

I'm still going to physical therapy, but there's been more exercising and less massaging recently. It is taking some getting used to, trying to adjust my posture and stuff. You wouldn't think that just holding your breastbone in a different position, or your head, would make you so sore, but you'd be wrong.

My balcony plants are growing and making me happy. Except the bunch on the top floor that the cats have been nibbling on. Assholes! At least it is raining right now and sparing me the need to water today. But I have to get out and get groceries, so that is less fun. It's only a light rain, though.

E. coli is messing up my grocery planning. There's been a bad outbreak here that's been traced to imported cucumbers (and maybe tomatoes and lettuce) from Spain and also Holland, I think. Cucumber and lettuce (with ranch dressing) are almost the only vegetables Hannah will eat, so it is really putting a kink in my shopping list. I am waiting for her to get home so I can get her started on studying for her physics test tomorrow before I leave. I need a hot drink while I wait.

-Nee in Germany is unraveling at the seams, but just a little

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Anonymous said...

LOL! Those asshole cats! Your killing me! Love and miss you all...Can't wait to see you in August!