Friday, April 22, 2011

Better than nothing...

John is home from Rome, safe and sound. He had a good time and took 245 photos and videos! It will take a while to sort and load all of them to Flickr, but they'll be there in a few days, I imagine.

I was enjoying some sunshine on the lower balcony this morning, when suddenly I detected a scent like tire air. Yuck! My brain finally came to grips with the stank after a few minutes and determined it was fish. It is ironic that the smell made me say, "Jesus Christ! What is that smell?!" on Good Friday, which is why there was the smell of fish cooking in the first place. I thought maybe it was the downstairs neighbors, but the absence of cooking smells in the stairwell made me think instead that it was the restaurant next door.

Hannah is on school vacation and is taking her loafing responsibilities very seriously. She had to get off the couch to set the table for dinner and said her head hurt and her neck was sore. That's because your brain juice seeped out with all the lounging around, I told her, but she was sure that wasn't it.

I cleaned the downstairs balcony a couple of weeks ago, the shared stairwell yesterday, and the upstairs balcony today, and I don't want to look at a broom or mop again any time soon.

Hannah loves the A-Team movie that was actually an xmas present from her Aunt Kee to John. She was rather put out yesterday that I didn't want to watch it with her, but was gracious enough to accept Goonies as a substitute. So she watched it by herself today while I did various other things upstairs. I'm not sure what the attraction is; probably an initial interest in anything with one of the actors from the Star Wars franchise--in this case, Liam Neeson--furthered by the attractiveness of some of the male stars.

In other Star Wars news, Hannah is addicted to a web video series about Chad Vader, supermarket assistant manager and Sith Lord. When she's not watching season 7 of Scrubs online (which hasn't been released here). She's managed to cram a lot of entertainment into 2 days of vacation so far.

--Nee in Germany says she'll take the general spring smell + marauding puffs over fish smell any day

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