Friday, October 15, 2010

My girl, again

I love that Hannah is so close to us. She could be a raging teenager already, and who knows? Someday she might be. But for now, she comes home and chats us up, and since I'm working upstairs, she regales her dad with everything that is going on at school, including dishing the dirt on people's love lives and what's up today with her nemesis. This even after we have urged her not to be so mean (if mostly in her head) to said nemesis.

Nee in Germany is a lucky mom


Anonymous said...

I JUST found your blog (11/19/2010) after losing it for maybe 2-3 months! We got a new computer and I lost all my links. It is so nice to read about yall's travels and everyday life with Hannah. Missing you all alot, Mom

Nee S. said...

Oops! Glad you're back!