Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The weather held out yesterday, and Hannah got cut loose from school early, so we went to the pool. I am not a pool person, but I had promised John I would take her if the weather was good, so I found myself waist-deep in cold water--well-water cold--at 4 yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately, I only remembered to put sunscreen on my body (50 SPF, baby!), so I had to get out quickly (I wasn't complaining!) and slather up my face. Hannah said I looked like Jasper the Ghost. When I explained it was Casper, she complained that she couldn't be expected to know American culture when we dragged her over here, etc. etc. But then I pointed out that various Casper movies had been on German tv, and that to my certain knowledge she had watched them, and that the name had not been changed. Well, ::bluster::. Sometimes my child is a bit of a blowhard. I hope I am not modeling that kind of behavior, but maybe.

Anyhow, ten minutes of sunscreen-free pool-standing, and now my face is a bit pink. Not even really uncomfortable, but when you are as pale as me, ten minutes is all it takes.


Anonymous said...

Hey, but do YOU know about Käptain Blaubär? Pumuckl? Das kleine Arschloch? Eh... what else is German - Paulchen Panter? Wickie der Wiking? Jim Knopf?

(and now move to Holland please and you'll have to learn a whole new universe of children's books characters!


Nee S. said...

Actually, I do know most of those. What she watches on tv, I watch, basically. And you forgot Benjamin Blümchen and die Maus. ;-)

I think between the Swedish, German, and American children's books floating around here, I am full up on characters!