Saturday, January 24, 2009


Let me say right now just how much I hate this ad for an inauguration party last week. HATE! I even labeled this photo "Hate" on my hard drive. I'll give you one guess as to why. I took down the 2 copies of this flier that were in the English department and asked John to get the 1 I had seen in his department. (And then I post it on the Internet for the whole world to see.)

Oddly enough, this ad was put up by the German-American Institute (DAI) here in our town. *boggles*

The part I find offensive is the name of a band. Actually, it's not that I find the band's name *offensive* per se, but I think the juxtaposition of the name with Obama's picture was really poor judgement on the part of the DAI. It bothered me a lot. I haven't ever heard of the band before, so I can't imagine they are really that huge. Why couldn't the DAI make a different band the headliner? (Of course, I don't know which bands were there--probably Satan Eats Your Soul and Americans are My Bitch. *g*)

That is my rant of the week.

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redfox1218 said...

Wow, I gotta agree. While the President and I may have different views on various issues. He IS still the president and um, that band name, is really, really bad.

It's bad on the poster and well, just bad in general. It sucks as a band name. Not catchy at all.

No good.