Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bye-Bye, Brunette

You may remember that Hannah talked me into putting semi-permanent black dye on her hair 2 summers ago.

Hannah Re-touched

Over the xmas holidays, she pestered me into giving it another try. Here, her last moments as a natural brunette:

preparing to dye

And here she is in mid-dye:

dye-job in progress

I have to make a note that we should have bought 2 bottles of dye. One problem is that I have no idea what I am actually doing, but Hannah has SO MUCH HAIR. Her hair is thick like John's (almost as thick as her Aunt Kee's), so it was impossible to get the dye over all the layers.

Want to guess what color she ended up with?

Hannah, freshly dyed

The bottle says “pomegranate red”, but I like to call it “strawberry shortcake”:

Strawberry Shortcake

She was disappointed that no one noticed the new color when she went for a play date last week—that didn’t stop her from pointing it out herself—but she got a gratifying round of “no way!” when she went back to school yesterday. It’s nice to be validated.


Yoda said...

Oh my heavens... she looks so grown up in that picture with the laptop. *sigh*

Oh, and I love the red. (Of course, who am I to be talking?) ;)

redfox1218 said...

LOVE the red! I wouldn't mind doing it myself. Though I'd have to say it's looow on the list of priorties right now. Though I do have an increasing amount of gray to cover...