Sunday, October 05, 2008

Hannah the balloon artist

No, not like a clown on the sidewalk twisting weenie dogs out of balloons. She likes to draw on inflated balloons. Here is a portrait of our family in balloon format:

John, Hannah, Deanna

That's John on the left, Hannah in the middle, and me on the right. Don't you like the forehead wrinkles and unfeminine lips? Hannah thinks it is a good likeness, but I think it looks like Hans Moleman. Don't you think?

Here she has two members of the Evil Wienie (her spelling) family:

Evil Wienies (including Hannah)

Evil Wienie, Jr. is on the left and Evil Wienie Dada is on the right.

Evil Wienie Momma

And to round out the family, Evil Wienie Momma. I like to see a Wienie Momma looking so evil.

Don't forget the family friend, Mr. Rich Italian Wienie.

Mr. Rich Italian Wienie

All this started with an experiment she saw on tv that she wants to demonstrate for her Natural Phenomena class. You put some soda and vinegar in a bottle (like making a volcano) and top the bottle with a balloon. Depending on how much stuff you put in the bottle, the balloon will expand to varying degrees. See?


Anyhow, she was hoping that the balloon would float if she put enough stuff in, but we never got enough stuff into the bottle for that. She ended up with extra balloons, and we booted her off the Internet last night so we could hog up the Internet connection ourselves, and the above balloon art was the end result. It's nice to see her entertaining herself without electronics for once.

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WTG said...

I think John is a dead ringer. I was able to figure out who was who in the little baloong effigies before I even read the post. ;)