Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hannah is a glamour queen

Hannah has long had a love of shiny shoes.

silver Pippi Longstocking shoes
Shiny silver Pippi Longstocking sneakers, bought in Sweden when she was 3.

diva sandals, 2
Shiny pink platform sandals, bought in Sweden when she was close-enough to 4. (Diva-tastic!)

(I am now wondering about all the shiny children's shoes available in Sweden--probably a response to the dreary winters.)

And now, to complete the trinity of shininess:

Shiny silver flip-flops, bought here in Germany to replace her old, worn-out, pink rubber flip-flops.

Oops, I forgot the tennis shoes, which I think I may have already shown here:
Shiny gold swooshes on white leather, bought here in Germany, but American all the way, Baby!

Hannah is quite demure in all other aspects of her dress, so I don't mind buying her some flashy shoes if she wants.

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