Monday, March 31, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again, Listing Heavily

We're back, but jet lag is stomping our butts. We just got Hannah off to school about an hour ago, and I hope she doesn't suffer too much on the first day of classes after vacation. Some of the other kids and teachers may be suffering, too, so at least she'll have some company.

The trip to the States was punctuated by one heavy nosebleed and about 3 barf-ups, but on the trip back, Hannah only barfed, twice on the plane and once in the car. We have realized that the main factor in her travel sickness is lack of sleep. It turns out that my mother and my great-aunt were also prone to that type of (travel) sickness when they were younger. My good friend WesTexGirl the biologist can even explain why that is, although my head is too fuzzy to drag the reason back out of the recesses of my brain from when she told me 2 weeks ago.

Anyhoo, we came back to a relatively clean house (no thanks to the cats and their endless shedding and litter-strewing and barfing) and live pets, so the pet-sitters got some nifty thank-you presents from Texas.

So that is the quick wrap-up. I am trying to get most of our 319 photos from our trip up on Flickr as quickly as possible, so feel free to wander over there to check them out. In addition to my normal photo stream, I'll have 3 folders--West Texas, South Texas, and Loosiana.

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