Thursday, February 28, 2008

Catchin' On Up

This is going to be one of those horribly boring catch-up posts, so feel free to note that I actually did post something—for a change—and go about your merry way until the next real post.

We have all taken a turn at being sick. John is just now getting over his, and it has been a week. He is not so congested any more, but he still has a cough and a raspy voice. Hannah had the congestion first, and she seemed to be mostly over it when she woke up puking at midnight a couple of Sundays ago. Not fun. (Probably due to too much popcorn and pizza on a movie outing with her friend.) I barely had a sniffle, not even enough to affect my sleep, so I got off easiest. Woo! (So sad, when that is the woo-able-est thing to happen to me in a while.)

Hannah was required to get in-line skates for P.E., and while waiting yesterday for her friend to meet up with her to practice (it’s her first pair of skates), she fell on her back. She didn’t even have a bruise, but she informed me later that she had the air knocked out of her. I assume she survived gym today, because I haven’t gotten a phone call.

Hannah wanted to play baby, but I insisted that she not crap her pants. “No, I only crap on the crapper.” That’s more like it. (I can’t really get on to her about bad language when I started it.)

baby Hannah

John bought a new bike.

John finally went to the back doctor while he is not actually crippled with pain and got set up for some physical therapy.

We had dinner with some friends, and Hannah actually ate pretty well, surprising my friend since I always complain about Hannah’s eating habits. Luckily, they were serving Asian food, and Hannah will always eat soup and rice, usually together. We are having them over on Saturday, and I have no idea what to serve.

Spring has sprung, completely giving Winter a miss. After a sunny but cold week, we’ve had several days of off-and-on rain and slightly warmer than the already warm-ish temps. I think someplace in Germany even managed to break their record high over the weekend. I think I mentioned the blooming trees that started back in January; now we’ve got bulbs coming up all over the place. The crocuses even managed to beat the snowdrops this year!

spring, glorious spring

I finished my grades and stuff and vow never to teach again. I just don’t think I can handle the responsibility. To make up for that, I took on a quick proofreading job. The woman who sent me the document was so happy with my work and the quick turnaround that she gave me a 20 euro bonus. Mo’ money!

I bought a bunch of baskets at a going-out-of-business sale.

I went to the crazy enormous grocery store and managed to get out before I went completely mad. Imagine, if you will, the first time you ever set foot in a Walmart Supercenter or a Whole Foods or Central Market. That is how it feels to me every time I go (which is twice now to this one, and about every 2 months to this other one). It didn’t help that I didn’t have an actual grocery list with me, and Hannah called me in the middle of my trek to let me know that she had fallen hard while skating, while I was a 30-minute drive away. But she calmed down while I was on the phone with her, and I flew through the last 2 miles of store so I could go to the skating area, just to find that they had already gone. But then I saw her at the bus stop, so she and her friend got a ride home.

Hannah has been to 3 movies in 2 weeks. Thankfully, neither John nor I had to go with her to any of them, but then again, she stuffs herself full of sugar and grease as soon as she is out of sight of us (see puking, above), so it is a mixed blessing.

I turned 35.
(That's a 3 plus 5 candles in a row, which makes 35, right?)

Hannah bought me some horrible socks that I love
tacky socks

and some cookies, and John came home laden with gifts, flowers, and cake. No one felt up to going out to do something, so we had a quiet time at home.
Happy birthday to me

Hannah was traumatized by her mouse nibbling on her finger and accidentally chewing off a bit of fresh nail polish. Of course this happened at bedtime, so Hannah was crying and upset, a perfect send-off to sleepy land. We kept an eye on the mouse, and she is fine. I think it was little kid nail polish, so hopefully it wasn’t *as* toxic as adult nail polish.

The end.

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