Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Last Bit of Xmas

For some reason, John's grandmother used to think that a bed-in-a-bag was the perfect xmas present, and all us grandkids ended up exchanging them right away. On the other hand, John's mother always had her finger on the pulse of our interests and needs and would find appropriate gifts for us. How ironic that this year, we took the xmas money from John's mom and bought bedding with it.

New Bedding

These down comforters are *so* fluffy and warm. I will never sleep under anything else.

I love tacky xmas socks, but mine are getting a little thin. I knew that John would not lower himself to actually buy me any, so when I saw some in town, I bought 2 pairs.

xmas socks

For some reason, my pictures get cut off on the right, so you all are missing the glory of my leg hair. If it were actually visible (and you can see it in full if you click on it), I would have made the Internet collectively barf. (BTW Jooge, the next time your mom gives you a hard time about your leg-shaving habits, let her take a look at this photo. And tell her that I've seen hairy-er toddlers (no offense) *g*).

I bought John the first season of Futurama on DVD from amazon-uk, and for some reason, the titles and directions are all in Italian. We have checked and double-checked all the settings, and everything *should* be in English, but that doesn't seem to matter to our DVD player. At least Hannah is giving her language skills a work-out by figuring out what the labels say for us.

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Jooge said...

I am loving the leg hair. I haven't shaved my legs since before Emma was we are looking at 4 or 5 years. :) My mom cries a little on the inside when I wear shorts.