Sunday, November 11, 2007

Switched at Birth?

No one who has actually seen Hannah and me together would ever doubt that she's my child.

Hannah and Nee


But sometimes I wonder if there was some kind of switcheroo in the hospital nursery. To wit:

The child does not like gummy bears. Or cheese. Or pants. (I don't hold it against her for not liking licorice--not many people do.)

She (still) loves pink and sparkles, although not necessarily in the form of her own clothing anymore.

Given the choice, she only reads books about witches and ghosts. Of course, our library only has 2 basic options for her age group: ponies or witches/ghosts/vampires.

In short, she's definitely mine, but not my clone: she's her own person.

It still makes me sad, though, that she doesn't want to read the Little House on the Prairie series, or many of the other books I liked as a kid.


westexgirl said...

I *love* this picture of y'all... I must have a print of it to scrap. Is it somewhere I can order it?

Sharing your sadness... she might like A Wrinkle in Time though. It's weird, and I think it has witches. ;)

Jozet said...

I know, I know...not you in personality.

But my Grandmother would say, "You just spit that girl out." You look like twins!

Nee S. said...

It gets less obvious as she gets older (I think that photo is about a year old), but people still notice and comment.