Thursday, October 11, 2007


I've been neglecting my poor little blog, but it has been for a strange mix of reasons. First, I had nothing to say, then we went out of town for 2 days, and there was almost too much to say, but I wanted to say it on my travel blog, and then I went crazy and spent a whole day (yesterday) writing. Everything is topsy-turvy!

Now I can't even remember the few things I wanted to post before we went off on our wild adventures. Or not so wild. This is us we're talking about here. Last Friday, we headed for the Spessart to check out a moated castle John wanted to see and to enjoy the fall foliage. Then on Saturday we got up early-ish and headed to Trier with another family we have befriended. Hannah is taking Latin, and Trier is chock-full of Roman stuff--the baths, the Porta Nigra, an amphitheater--so we thought she might be interested, but alas, the best we were able to get was that she and her friend found a place to flop themselves each time our tour group stopped to view something, so at least they weren't disruptive. She walked right into a sign post just before the tour started, so with her subsequent bad mood, it could have gone really badly.

We walked about 5 miles in Trier, so with my own errands in town, that brings me up to 26.15 miles since I started the trek to Rivendell. I am very sad to see that I am still only on day 2, where the "road rolls up and down." *sigh* Classes start back next week, so I will be getting out of the house every single day and racking up the miles.

Ok, I realize this post is completely made of LAME, but I will start paying more attention and taking notes so I can get back to boring you at a much lower level.

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